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Hälsa Skincare

   Hälsa Skincare is a natural skincare brand offering a luxurious line of products. Hälsa Skincare is Swedish Inspired, US made and desired.  We use natural and organic ingredients.  Our core values demand raw materials that are sourced with integrity. Our strategic partnership with farms in Oregon and Colorado ensure quality and consistency. We believe that wellness can be achieved through botanical remedies. Our mission is to produce high quality products, using 100% recycled packaging, made in the US. We are committed to US manufacturing despite a significant increase to production cost. We think this is a small price to pay to support the local economy and jobs in the US. 


Hälsa Holistic

 Hälsa Holistic has created 7 botanical elixirs, 7 flavors of exceptional vapor, and 7 unique syrups to cater to a refined sense of taste.  We have chosen subtle and unique flavors such as black current, peppermint with a hint of anise, green tea, OG Hemp, arctic fruit, elderflower, and passion fruit.  Our OG Hemp elixir and vapor contain distinctive terpenes providing a rich and flavorful experience. 


Hälsa Wholesale

  Utilizing our strategic partnerships with our Oregon and Colorado Laboratories, Hälsa Wholesale sources CBD crude, distillate and isolate.  All products are produced from domestically grown hemp free of pesticides and heavy metals which are common is lesser grade imported CBD. Our Broad Spectrum CBD crude and distillate is free of unwanted degraded terpene profiles which can leave undesirable smells and tastes. Our broad spectrum products may contain the complimentary cannabinoids that are found in hemp such as CBDA CBG, CBC, and CBN. 



 Our mission is to produce high quality products, using 100% recycled packaging that are made in the US.  We support US manufacturing despite a significant increase to production cost.  We think this is a small price to pay to support jobs in the US. 


Our rigorous quality control process and stringent purchasing requirements ensure that all CBD products we offer for wholesale are not only refined from domestically grown hemp, but also extracted by domestic laboratories. We maintain a no compromise approach to offering high quality, impurity free, domestically produced CBD due to the current pervasiveness of low quality, pesticide, and heavy metal laden CBD entering the market.  We re-test our raw material and all our finished products guaranteeing purity and transparency.

Coming Soon - Retail Storefront


 Hemp by  Hälsa ’s is putting the finishing touches on our retail store.  We look forward to our grand opening.  Stay tuned!

In Development - Hälsa Processing


 Hälsa is currently in development of a mobile hemp processing fleet to meet the demands of farmers across the country.


Our Team

Misty McAfee


 Hälsa Skincare

Natural Luxury

Andrey Baranchik


 Hälsa Holistic

CBD Tinctures, Syrups and Exceptional Vapor

Alex Green


  Hälsa Wholesale

CBD Sourced with Integrity

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