Skincare + Wordle, a Surprisingly Good Match

Looking For an Easy Way to De-stress?


Here’s a way to exercise your brain while you treat your skin, in just 10 minutes.

Are you one of thousands (or is it millions?) who’ve become hooked on Wordle? Count us in. The team at Hälsa are word game and puzzle lovers (Scrabble, anyone?) and Wordle has quickly become a daily routine

If you’ve not yet tried it, Wordle is an online game where you have six attempts to guess that day’s five letter word. You type in a word, and it tells you which letters are or aren’t part of the word. You continue guessing, based on those letters, with the goal of guessing the right word in as few attempts as possible. 

If you’re already playing it, then you’ll agree it’s a fantastic little break in the day and a quick workout for your brain.

Here’s a way to take those few fun minutes up another level: Combine your Wordle session with a facial masque for twice the self-care.

Apply Hälsa Botanicals Breathe Masque to freshly washed skin. You’ve now got ten minutes to play the daily Wordle. Once you’ve solved it (or ten minutes later), wash off the masque, apply moisturizer and your refreshment session is complete.

It adds up to a great five letter word: T R E A T (See what we did there?)

While we’re at it, how about a list of self care related five letter words?  It never hurts to have some fresh inspiration for the game. Of course, our favorite word is Hälsa, but until they add foreign words to the game, we’ll have to wait.