New Year, New You

Self-Care Tips to Help You Accomplish Your Goals in 2022.

New Year is a time to reset yourself and become motivated to take on 2022. Some may think this is a stressful task; however, if you do baby steps to accomplish your goals you can do anything. If self care is your goal for the new year, here's three ideas.

1. Give Yourself a Break

Woman Relaxing in a Bath

We suggest creating separation from life's stressors to take time for yourself. This can include walks, reading a book or even taking a bath. Bath salts not only smell amazing, but they can also work to moisturize skin and soothe sore muscles! 

If you need help creating a luxurious bath experience use our Relax Golden Turmeric Bath Salts. Relax contains a proprietary blend of arctic salts and turmeric, for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for your skin. And all vegan ingredients include fragrant and invigorating eucalyptus, frankincense, peppermint oil, Swedish twinflower and tea tree oil. With nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, it's a nourishing vacation for your skin. This is how you can get the ultimate bath experience that you never knew you needed until now. 

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2. Start a Skincare Regimen

Woman Applying a Facial Mask

Sometimes you may feel like you do not have enough time to make time for yourself. So we suggest doing little increments throughout the day. For example, at night you can take 10 minutes to yourself to prepare your skincare routine. Having a natural skincare routine can act as a form of meditation. Taking time out of your day to care for your skin can help you de-stress, refocus and create a positive mindset for the next day. 

We recommend using our Dream Enchanted Night Creme to help moisturize and rejuvenate your face overnight. While you sleep, plant-based extracts heal your skin from the day’s stressors while also soothing and tightening your skin and reducing signs of aging. COQ10 fights wrinkles while frankincense lifts and tightens for a firmer, fresher, younger face.

If you want to take the extra step, make a whole day out of self-care. On Self-Care Sundays you can take an hour of your day to give yourself a nice face mask  using clean beauty products and use all of the products you have been wanting to use. Facial masques offer deep hydration, help remove toxins, unclog pores, even out skin tone, and provide overall skin nourishment. It will refresh your mind and your body for the start of the week. 

If you’re looking for a deep clean and lots of nourishment, try Hälsa Botanicals Breathe CBD Arctic Kelp Masque. Nutrient-rich, and made of natural and vegan ingredients, this face masque eliminates impurities while leaving your face clean, refreshed and nourished.

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3. Get Your Sleep

Woman Sleeping in Bed

Make sure that you sleep 8 hours a day. Sleep is critical to living a healthy lifestyle, not only mentally but physically. Healthy sleep is known to reduce mental and physical disorders while strengthening your immune system. By getting a good night of sleep, it will not only help you refresh yourself to take on your next day, but it will also heal your body and help you for the future. 

If you have trouble sleeping we recommend taking CBD drops. As more and more research into the benefits of CBD is available, many people are finding CBD drops beneficial for reducing stress, bringing a greater sense of calm and helping promote healthy sleep cycles. 

We recommend trying our Hälsa Botanicals CBD Drops. They contain 500 mg hemp CBD in a base of organic coconut oil. They’re available in four flavors - peppermint, licorice, black currant and OG Hemp. Just a couple of drops under your tongue before bed can truly make a difference.