How to Treat Back Pain at Home

Remedies To Provide Some Back Pain Relief

If you find yourself with back pain, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common ailments. In fact, eight in ten people will have back pain at some point, usually in the lower back.

Sudden, severe or chronic pain should be checked by a doctor. But often the pain is from a sprain or strain from some physical activity, from sitting too long or maybe an old sports injury. For general discomfort, you can likely treat it at home with one or more of the following remedies, including topical pain relief.

Suggestions To Relieve Back Pain

Women stretching

Health professionals recommend these treatments.

  1. Keep moving. While this might initially seem counterintuitive, a low-impact activity like a short walk or yoga can help loosen tense muscles and alleviate pain. That’s because the exercise can help release endorphins, which are a natural way to get pain relief.  
  2. Stretch. A daily program of stretching exercises can help ease pain and build flexibility. Touching your toes or common yoga poses (cobra, cat and cow) are good examples.
  3. Ice and heat. You may want to try both to see which is better for you. Typically, ice is better to soothe inflammation or swelling, while heat may be better to treat tight or stiff muscles. Either way, try 20 minute treatments a few times a day. 
  4. OTC pain relievers. For muscle aches or stiffness, acetaminophen can provide temporary pain relief. For inflammation, try an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin.
  5. Topical cream or salves. Look for topical ingredients such as menthol or arnica to provide temporary pain relief. Recent studies into the benefits of CBD for pain relief suggest that applying it topically can be helpful as well.  Hälsa Botanicals Comfort CBD Salve includes menthol, camphor, soothing botanicals like lavender oil and eucalyptus plus 1000 mg hemp CBD, and is easily absorbed into the skin. Or try Hälsa Botanicals Ease CBD Soothing Roller. This pocket-sized roller contains menthol, arnica, 1000 mg hemp CBD and eucalyptus oil for on-the-go soothing. 

Longer Term Good Practices To Avoid or Lessen Back Pain

  1. Wear shoes that provide good support. High heels can throw your body out of alignment, while shoes that are too flat may not provide sufficient support.
  2. Watch your posture. When sitting - especially at a desk or workstation - you want to reduce pressure on your back. Keep your spine in alignment, aim to keep your head centered over your pelvis and avoid slouching or keeping your chin pushed forward. Be sure you’re not too high or too low relative to a desk and computer. Get up to stretch and walk a bit, rather than sitting for long periods.
  3. Regular stretching and strength training exercise. Keeping muscles strong, especially abdominal muscles help support your back. Stretching maintains flexibility which can help avoid injury.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight. Extra weight puts more strain on your spine.
  5. Consider replacing your mattress. If you’re frequently waking up with back pain, it could be that your mattress is worn out. Is it time to buy a new one?

Unless you have a serious or chronic issue, following these remedies may offer you the help you need to manage your discomfort. Halsa Botanicals offers soothing body care products that can comfort aches and pains, including back pain.