How To Help Sore Legs From Running

Benefits of CBD: Have You Considered Treating Aches and Pains With CBD Topicals? 

Whether you are an experienced runner or have just run for the first time in years, you know the pain of sore legs.

It interferes with the rest of your day, from going up the stairs to even climbing in bed. 

There are many at-home remedies you can try to help your sore muscles, including rest, taking pain relievers such as Advil or applying ice to the affected area.

However, doing this every day can be tiring and an annoyance, or vary in effectiveness.

How to help sore legs from runnings

CBD Benefits: We recommend trying CBD topicals

There are great benefits of CBD for treating muscle soreness. CBD absorbs well into the skin, actually penetrating both the dermal and subdermal layers. (If you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream.) It activates the endocannabinoid system, then binds to the cell receptors in the skin and tissues, helping to alleviate pain and inflammation. 

That means that topicals go straight to the source of pain. While there are a lot of topical CBD products, they can vary widely in quality, Hälsa Botanicals uses only US sourced full spectrum hemp CBD and natural and organic ingredients as part of our commitment to natural skincare.  

Additionally, topical CBD products can be combined with other ingredients with benefits for muscle soreness.

For example, Hälsa Comfort CBD Salve includes 1,000 mg of hemp CBD plus menthol, as well as eucalyptus, lavender, honeysuckle and safflower oil, which all provide inflammatory benefits. Other ingredients, like tea tree oil and squalane, help moisturize and condition the skin. Why not pamper your skin while soothing your muscles with topical pain relief products?

Our Ease CBD Roller also provides 1,000 mg hemp CBD and other essential ingredients and is perfect for on the go relief. It is small enough to fit in your purse, car or gym bag. I personally like to take it with me in my gym bag and roll it on my legs right after I get off the treadmill. This roller packs a lot of power, with arnica and cooling menthol gel plus botanical oils. Eucalyptus provides anti-inflammatory benefits, and peppermint oil helps stimulate skin and promotes circulation. In addition to helping sore leg muscles, try Ease for relieving tension headaches, tight neck muscles or any other areas of pain.

Here’s how Hälsa products have made a difference for some of our customers. 

Tamara, from Central Valley, California, loves the mobility and "ease" of our Ease  CBD Soothing Roller, "I always have the Ease Roller with me in my gym bag, even one at work. It helps with my sore muscles better than over the counter relaxers that I have used."

Meanwhile, Shirley K from Clovis, California, swears by Comfort CBD Salve, "I am 85 years old and have chronic pain in my left hip. I have not been injured, but over the years have developed pain which limits mobility. My daughter suggested I try the Soothing Salve. (She uses it for knee pain.) Although I didn't have immediate relief, my daughter encouraged me to continue to use it, and now that I apply it to the painful hip joint area regularly, I am having almost no pain, and mobility has increased."

Next time you get off the treadmill or leave the gym, rub on some Hälsa Botanicals soothing topical pain relief products to alleviate soreness.