Hälsa Botanicals Brand Commitments

Why We Have Brand Commitments

If you're looking for sustainable skincare, look no further. At Hälsa Botanicals, we are a natural skincare brand built on three foundational commitments that demonstrate our genuine care for our customers and the world around us. 

The principles guide how we do business and our yardstick for success, when it comes to sustainability and being a clean beauty brand.

Let’s dive in and take a look into what Hälsa Botanicals clean beauty skincare represents!

Our first commitment is to use high quality, clean and effective products.

Our products are custom formulated, using carefully selected botanicals and other ingredients for their specific skincare benefits. We use organic ingredients where possible, including botanical oils. We source our CBD from domestically grown and extracted hemp and test all products via third party labs for CBD potency and purity. Our products are also vegan, non-GMO and cruelty free. 

Next, we focus on U.S. production.

We use U.S. made materials wherever possible. We also work with domestic manufacturers and suppliers, even though their costs are often significantly higher. That’s because we’d rather sacrifice profit margin than impact U.S. jobs.

Our third commitment is to use sustainable practices.

We use post consumer recycled packaging that can be re-sourced after you recycle it. Our product boxes are made with 100% renewable energy. We believe that pretty packages should never require a sacrifice to our environment.

As you can see, our clean beauty skincare products are made and produced with a lot of thought and care. We want to make the best products and ingredients for our skin and contribute to helping our country and environment.