Essentials For The Most Luxurious Bath Experience

Why Not Have a Spa Day at Home?

I am going to start by saying this. Baths are underrated.

Many people go years without using their bathtub, but I think it is because they don’t know how easy it is to create a luxurious bath experience with clean beauty products. 

Keep reading to find the simple steps in making the most of your at-home bath.

Step 1: Clean Your Bathtub 

I know, it’s anything but luxurious, but take an extra step and clean up your bathtub. The last thing you  want to do is step into a warm bath with hair lining the bathtub and your kid's toys scattered around. 

Once you clean the tub, you will not only enjoy your bath experience more but will also be grateful and more likely stress-free once you get out of your tub. 

Step 2: Create an Ambiance

Before you get in the tub, it is important to make sure that you are relaxed throughout the entire bath. Make sure that the lighting is right. Dim the lights and light a few scented candles. This will make you feel like you are in your own little spa, and escape from the reality of daily life.  And if you do have kids at home or other interruptions, consider locking the door.

Step 3: Have Something to Keep You Occupied

When you are in the bath, yes, it is nice to sit and think about nothing - or maybe take a quick nap - but it can also get boring for those of us accustomed to keeping busy. Make sure to have something to keep yourself occupied, just in case. This could be a book or magazine - something light and relaxing. Or maybe play your favorite music. To be extra fancy, why not pour yourself a glass of wine? If you’re hungry, make yourself a little cheese plate. The possibilities are endless! 

Step 4: Start Running the Water

The key to making the optimal bath experience is to have the right temperature. You might have to play a little Goldilocks game here because it is important that the water is not too hot or too cold, but just right. Some say 92 degrees fahrenheit is perfect, but it’s up to you. Yes, the water may eventually cool, but you can always turn the hot water faucet on when needed.

Step 5: Add Some Clean Beauty Bath Salts

Pour a cup of bath salts into your water. Bath salts not only smell amazing, but they can also work to moisturize skin and soothe sore muscles! If you do not know where to find the best bath salts, check out Hälsa Relax CBD Golden Turmeric Bath Salts. Relax contains a proprietary blend of arctic salts and turmeric, for anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for your skin. And all vegan ingredients include fragrant and invigorating eucalyptus, frankincense, peppermint oil, Swedish twinflower and tea tree oil. With nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, it's a nourishing vacation for your skin. This is how you can get the ultimate bath experience that you never knew you needed until now. 

Step 6: Apply a Luxury Skincare Facial Masque

What better time to double the self care and apply a facial masque? You’ll have the extra steam from the hot water to help the masque penetrate your skin. Try Hälsa Breathe CBD Arctic Kelp Facial Masque. With arctic algae, shea butter, squalane, eucalyptus oil, chamomile, aloe, spearmint and 250 mg of hemp CBD, you get a powerhouse of nutrients to nourish and invigorate your skin. Another clean beauty product to get the most out of your luxury bath experience.

Step 7: Step in the Bath and Relax 

Try all of these steps at home and you’ll thank me later. Once you’re done, remember to grab a big fluffy robe just like at your favorite spa. Everyone needs a break, so why not make the most of your experience at home? Don’t forget the organic skincare from Halsa Botanicals, which will take your luxury bath experience even further.


Luxurious Bath Experience Essentials