Cleopatra, the Original Beauty Influencer

The Ancient Egyptians Discovered Natural Skincare

Many beauty and skincare routines can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, in particular Queen Cleopatra. She ruled Egypt for almost three decades and was known for her power, intelligence and allure. She seduced powerful men. Her beauty and makeup practices are legendary. Most people think of her kohl outlined eyes, heavily painted eyelids and henna tinted nails and hair, but perhaps less obvious are the natural ingredients used by Cleopatra and other wealthy Egyptians to nourish and pamper their skin.  

Fortunately, modern women looking for savvy clean beauty skincare advice can look to the same natural ingredients used by this OG beauty icon.  

Natural Skincare Ingredients Prized By Cleopatra

Almond Oil - The Ancient Egyptians used plant oils as a form of soap. They would slather oils all over their body and then scrape off the muck - it would not only clean their skin, but also help exfoliate, leaving skin smooth and moisturized. Often they would add perfumes or fragrant herbs, though sweet almond oil provided its own fragrance. 

Aloe Vera - Recognized for its many benefits, aloe vera was used as a moisturizer and skin smoother. With anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antibacterial properties, it firms and revitalizes skin and helps it hold moisture. Some say it was considered the plant of eternity or immortality by the ancient Egyptians.

Avocado - Rich in omega fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, avocado oil provides nourishing and moisturizing benefits. The Egyptians also used avocado paste as an under-eye treatment to remove puffiness. 

Plant Oils (Castor, Olive, Moringa and Sesame Oils) - These oils were used both to moisturize and provide anti-aging properties of lessening wrinkles and fine lines.

Clay Mask - Cleopatra and other wealthy Egyptians used clay masks made with Dead Sea mud to draw out impurities and soften skin.

Frankincense - Long before the three wise men packaged it up as a gift, Cleopatra used it as part of her natural skincare routine. This perfumed botanical oil lifts, tones and tightens skin. It also helps the regeneration of skin cells, leaving skin smoother and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hemp Seed Oil - With essential fatty acids and high protein content, hemp seed oil was also used as a moisturizer. Further, the fatty acids in hemp are similar to those in our skin, so it is readily absorbed. Additional benefits include relief from skin irritation.

Salt Bath - Cleopatra also had access to mineral-rich salt from the Dead Sea. Sea salt is excellent for rejuvenating skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, helping to prevent blemishes and providing an overall glow to the skin. 

Shea Butter - In the desert climate of Egypt, the moisturizing properties of shea butter was a necessity. With vitamins A, E, F and essential fatty acids, it hydrates, plumps and softens skin. Plus, it offers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits by stimulating collagen and elasticity and fighting free radicals.

Five Hälsa Botanicals Products That Help You Care For Your Skin Like an Egyptian

Hälsa Botanicals makes it easy to incorporate many of the clean beauty ingredients used by Cleopatra - along with more recent skincare gems - into your daily routine.

Hälsa Breathe CBD Arctic Kelp Facial Masque - With arctic algae, shea butter, aloe, chamomile, eucalyptus and honeysuckle oils plus hemp CBD, this soothing masque is full of minerals that pull the toxins from your skin and leave it feeling nourished and refreshed. 

Hälsa Dream CBD Enchanted Night Creme - This rich, emollient cream has a base of shea butter and squalane, plus aloe, frankincense, elderflower, CoQ10 and hemp CBD. Use nightly to nourish, soothe and tighten skin.

Hälsa Glow CBD Luminous Facial Serum - This super hydrating serum provides hyaluronic acid, the soothing and calming benefits of aloe and elderflower, plus blackcurrant, honeysuckle and hemp CBD. It adds up to a wealth of nourishment and skin conditioning.

Hälsa Calm CBD Body Oil - With a base of organic sesame and avocado oils, Calm offers antioxidants and omega 7 fatty acids. It also features organic carrot, raspberry and Swedish twinflower oils plus hemp CBD. That’s a lot of nourishment, especially for stressed or sun-damaged skin.

Hälsa Relax CBD Golden Turmeric Bath Salts - Arctic salts plus golden turmeric for anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits, plus fragrant frankincense, lavender and eucalyptus and hemp CBD provide a luxurious, nourishing soak worthy of a queen.