Chamomile: Tea-Riffic for Natural Skincare

When you think of chamomile, you probably think tea. But this calming plant offers soothing benefits for natural skincare too.

Chamomile Overview

Chamomile tea (actually an herbal infusion made from the chamomile flower)  is a favorite for anyone looking to chill out and get ready for a good night’s rest. This daisy-like plant is part of the Asteraceae family.  It’s also been used for centuries - from the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans - to treat wounds, promote healing and as a natural medicine for heartburn, nausea and other stomach ailments. You may recognize one of the most common species, Matricaria Recutita, commonly used for tea. This soothing herb is also great for your outside.

Chamomile Benefits for Natural Skincare

First things first: a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. You’ve heard the term “beauty rest” haven’t you? Consider adding a cup of chamomile tea to your late afternoon or evening routine to help ease your way to a restful night.

Chamomile offers several other direct skincare benefits. With high levels of an antioxidant called apigenin, chamomile calms and soothes skin:

  • Protects against inflammation. Reduces irritation, dullness or discoloration often caused by inflammation.
  • Reduce redness. It also improves blood flow to help skin appear lighter, brighter and more refreshed.
  • Soothes sensitive skin. The flavonoids in chamomile penetrate skin and can help treat conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
  • Fights signs of aging. Polyphenols fight free radicals, tighten pores and accelerate cell and tissue renewal.l 
  • Alleviates recovery from sunburn. In fact a compress of chamomile tea can be helpful to soothe sunburned skin.
  • Reduce under eye circles. Chamomile can help lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness. 
  • Fight acne. With antibacterial properties, chamomile can be used as a mild astringent to dry out and prevent blemishes.

How to Add Chamomile to Your Skincare Routine

Fortunately, Hälsa Botanicals offers four ways to add chamomile to your skincare routine

Hälsa Dream Night Creme: Rest easy with this luxurious night creme. Dream offers deep moisturizing and anti-aging benefits with a combination of shea butter, squalane, aloe, CoQ10, frankincense, chamomile, evening primrose, elderflower plus hemp CBD.

 Hälsa Breathe Arctic Kelp Facial Masque is like an invigorating vacation for your skin.. Algae, spearmint, honeysuckle, eucalyptus and chamomile plus shea butter, squalane, aloe and hemp CBD. Used weekly to draw toxins from the skin, leaving it clean, nourished and refreshed.

Treat stressed out or sunburned skin with Hälsa Calm Body Oil.   With a base of organic sesame oil, avocado oil and lecithin, plus Hälsa signature Swedish twinflower oil, raspberry and carrot oils, plus chamomile and hemp CBD. That’s a whole lot of nurturing.

Hälsa Relax Golden Turmeric Bath Salts offer a restful and opulent soak. A blend of arctic salts and golden turmeric, plus chamomile, lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus and hemp CBD. Say aahhh.

So next time you feel the need to chill, think chamomile!