All About Tea Tree Oil: 5 Beneficial Luxury Skincare Uses

Tea tree oil deserves a place in your luxury skincare routine for various reasons, considering the many benefits this essential oil provides to the skin.

Tea tree oil not only improves the condition of the skin, it’s also a natural skincare alternative to many chemical-based products that achieve the same results.

Origins of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil used for natural skincare purposes comes from a tree species that grows in southeast Australia called Melaleuca alternifolia. The oil is derived from the leaves of this tree, extracted to become an essential oil as far back as 1770. Captain James Cook is said to have brewed tea from the leaves of what is now called tea trees in New South Wales, Australia.  

The oil comes from steam distillation of the tree’s leaves. It started being used as an herbal medicine to kill germs, but now it’s widely used for skincare uses, in addition to being used to treat athlete’s foot, as a natural deodorant, to treat insect bites, for lice, and to treat nail fungus. Tea tree oil should never be taken orally but instead used topically. For optimal results it should be either diluted with water or used in conjunction with other ingredients.

Luxury Skincare Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be found in Halsa Botanicals Relax CBD Golden Turmeric Bath Salts because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. It’s a great way to get both the relaxation benefits of Relax, but also take advantage of the specific benefits of tea tree oil. You will also find tea tree oil, along with menthol, eucalyptus, spearmint and lavender oil in Hälsa Botanicals Comfort CBD Salve.

Below are 5 beneficial uses skincare uses for tea tree oil.

1. Fights Acne

Tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties, making it great for treating acne-prone skin. Antibacterial tea tree oil is found in many acne fighting skincare products because it contains compounds that reduce the bad bacteria that leads to acne.

2. Soothes Irritation and Redness

Another skincare benefit of tea tree oil is its treatment of irritation and redness. Tea tree oil is especially beneficial for dry skin in that it can calm skin prone to irritation. It can also reduce redness caused by acne

3. Reduces Oiliness

Tea tree oil is a unique skincare product because while it’s excellent for dry skin, it also benefits oily skin. This natural skincare ingredient is also a great for reducing the oiliness of the skin.

4. Hydrates

Going hand in hand with reducing irritation and redness, tea tree oil has moisturizing properties that help those who have dry skin. If your skin gets itchy in the winter, look for products with tea tree oil in it to help restore hydration.

5. Anti-Inflammatory

Tea tree oil also has anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. Tea tree oil contains a high amount of a compound called terpinen-4-ol, which is known to calm inflamed skin.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for the Skin: Parting Thoughts

The takeaway here is that tea tree oil can do wonders for your skin with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. This hardworking natural skincare product can treat hair, skin and nails, and for both preventive use to treating acne and nail fungus. No wonder you’ll find in a wide range of clean beauty products.