5 Tips on How to Get Glowy Skin

How to Get Glowy Skin Without Make-Up

2021 has been the year of glowy skin. There has been a rise of different kinds of highlighters and shimmering face makeup. But do you want to be able to achieve this look without having to wear any makeup? Hälsa Botanicals is here to help. Here are five ideas to get glowy skin. 

Add a Face Massage to Your Natural Skincare Routine

Facial massages help promote healthy skin because it gets your blood moving and enables your cells to activate and wake up your face. Giving yourself a two-minute face massage can not only rejuvenate your face, but also help keep your face firm and contour over time.

To start this process, it is important to start with clean skin. Then apply a light layer of a face oil or face serum to your fingers that can move smoothly across your face. Next, take your two middle fingers and use wide circular strokes from your neck to your jaw to your cheeks. Always push your skin up then out. Never use a downward motion because it fights against gravity and sagging can occur. If you decide not to use your fingers, you can use different face massaging tools such as a face roller or gua sha. A weekly face massage will help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, even out your skin tone, and even reduce acne. 

Woman giving herself a face massage

Moisturize with Natural Skincare

Hydration is key to having a glowy face. It works to fight against uneven skin and especially dry and patchy parts of your face. There are multiple options you can use to help with this. 

One is to use a rich moisturizer. A thick moisturizer is great because it helps lock in essential ingredients for a longer amount of time. We recommend using Hälsa Dream CBD Enchanted Night Creme. This night cream has rich plant-based extracts that heal your skin from the day's stressors while also soothing and tightening your skin and reducing signs of aging. COQ10 fights wrinkles while frankincense lifts and tightens for a firmer, fresher, younger face.

Another way to maximize hydration is to use a moisturizing face mask. Using a face mask can help get rid of dead skin cells and even out your complexion. A hydrating face mask can help drag out unwanted free radicals and bacteria while bringing in hydration and critical minerals. We recommend Hälsa Breathe CBD Arctic Kelp Facial Masque. Hälsa Breathe helps eliminate blemishes and impurities in the skin while leaving it clean, refreshed and nourished. Algae, combined with honeysuckle, lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile, bring a powerhouse of nutrient-rich minerals to draw toxins from the skin.

Woman putting on moisturizer

Use a Nutrient-Rich Facial Serum

Facial serums can create a strong skin barrier to fight against free radicals. This means it can help against sun damage and anti-aging. The right ingredients can also benefit your skin in other ways, such as evening out skin tone or fighting against acne. If you truly want a glowy skin look, we recommend using our Glow CBD Luminous Facial Serum. Hälsa Glow conditions your skin with floral restoratives and the superpower of black currant to keep harmful bacteria at bay. Soothing, calming and healing aloe and elderflower, rich in anti-wrinkling properties, also protect against sun damage while emollients keep your skin smooth and supple. 

Woman putting on facial serum

Drink Water

Yes. You read this right. Not only does drinking water help your body stay hydrated, but also your skin. By drinking large quantities of water, it helps your skin's elasticity. Drinking water can prevent saggy skin, help pH balance, flush toxins, reduce wrinkles, and naturally moisturize your skin.

Woman drinking water

Hang Upside Down

This may sound weird, but hanging upside down for 2-3 minutes a day may help your skin! Similar to a face massage, hanging upside down sends blood to your face and increases circulation. Because blood flow and oxygen is sent to your face, it can create a lit-from-within glow. But be careful, don't do this for too long, or it can be unsafe. 

If you incorporate some, or all, of these steps into your natural skincare routine, it can help you get natural glowy skin. Say goodbye to covering your face with makeup. Take the extra steps and have your complexion show your inner beauty. 

Woman hanging upside down