4 Ways to Be More Sustainable With Your Skincare Routine

How to Be Sustainable With Your Clean Beauty Regime 

1. Get rid of makeup remover wipes and cotton pads

Sustainably washing face

Many people use makeup wipes or cotton swabs to take off their makeup and wash their faces. They are very popular for getting your makeup quickly and are very convenient. However, people do not realize that these products are not only bad for your skin but also horrible for the environment. When using makeup wipes or cotton pads, it can be very abrasive to the skin. They cause micro-tears and can be very irritating to the skin which causes aging in the long term. 

These wipes are typically made out of cotton, polypropylene, polyester and rayon fibers which are not biodegradable. These wipes sit in landfills for many years and never really ever break down. To overcome this, we recommend using a gentle cleanser to wash your face. In the end, it ends up taking more makeup from your skin and allows natural ingredients to help soak into your skin. Especially if you use face serums and moisturizers, it helps the ingredients soak in more. If you really do not want to give up makeup wipes, we recommend using reusable cotton pads, once you are done removing your makeup you can wash them under your sink or even throw them into your washing machine, and they will be good as new!

2. Do not leave water running

sustainably washing face

Keeping the water running while washing your face can take a major toll on our planet. Most sink faucets use about 1 gallon of water per minute, which means each person wastes 1 gallon of water every time they wash their face. It is important to save as much clean water as you can. When washing your face, we recommend splashing your face with water, turning it off while you apply your cleanser, then turning it back off again when you want to rinse off your face. This is a simple step to helping our Earth and environment.

3. Recycle your jars and containers, and outer packaging

When you finish a jar or bottle of your favorite face serums, cleansers or moisturizers make sure to recycle them. When recycled, they can be repurposed and it is a lot better for the environment. Check the recyclability of their packaging. Glass is usually more easily recycled than many plastics. A lot of brands even make their products out of recycled materials, so you can do your part in making our world a better place.

4. Make sure you buy from sustainably-minded brands

sustainable skincare

Before you buy a new product make sure that the brand is sustainably minded. Skincare brands have the potential to make a real difference for the planet. You can see if they use recyclable packaging, or if they have a mission for helping the environment. Another thing you can look for is seeing if the company produces its products in the United States, which means a lower footprint as they don’t have to transport the products from a longer distance. At Hälsa Botanicals we make sustainability one of our highest priorities. Our mission is to harness the power of plants to promote natural wellness, combined with business practices that prioritize people and the planet. All of our products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free and we use organic ingredients where possible. We source our CBD from domestically grown hemp and test all products via third-party labs for CBD potency and purity.

We also use U.S.- made materials wherever possible and manufacture in the U.S. tor educe our footprint, and support U.S. jobs and businesses. Finally, all of our outer packaging is made from post-consumer waste and can be recycled and re-sourced after you recycle it. Our product boxes are made with 100% renewable energy.